Over 40 language combinations

More than 300 translators

Lusto Translations means opening to the entire world, communication at a professional level and services of an impeccable quality.

Our services include certified translations, notarised translations, appostile and embassy certification, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, subtitling, voice-over, software and web localisation, AI memories translationDTP, transcript and copywriting.

Competent translators, high-performance technical equipment, quality, professionalism, efficiency, accuracy.

We translate well, using an algorithm that yields results

Your documents will be taken over by one of our coordinators experienced in translations, who establishes the translation field and its difficulty level.

Depending on these parameters, a deadline is set and a professional translator is selected, specialising in that field.

After the specialist delivers the translation to the coordinator, the latter redistributes it to a specialised reviewer.

Then, the translated and revised document is sent by e-mail and, according to your preferences, it is formatted, printed, certified, notarised, appostilled  and delivered by courier to the address specified by you.

Complete translation and interpretation services, in over 40 language combinations

Throughout our career, we have worked with many professionals; now, we have created a network of translators from among those with whom we had an excellent collaboration.

Partnering with Lusto Translation you make sure that your entire project is managed, so you won’t need to contact several suppliers or coordinate the project yourself. We guarantee you that everything will be delivered on time, at a good price and to a high standard, because we respect our customers and we know what a quality translation means.

Thank you for choosing Lusto Translations and we are confident that this is just the beginning of a beautiful collaboration!

We’re always happy to answer you inquiries…