Lusto Translations Reseller Program

A chance to make a quick buck

We are always looking for new language adventures and considering that lately it has become more and more difficult to meet, we propose a modern method of collaboration.

Regardless of the field in which you operate, we are at your disposal with impeccable quality services – translation, interpreting, localisation, subtitling – and we reward you for the trust you give us through commission contracts for the orders generated.

Specifically, you give us work, you receive a percentage of the profit.

Eligibility Criteria

It is true that not everything that flies is eaten, but we are certainly of the opinion that one hand washes the other, provided we follow 3 basic rules:

  1. The first condition to be eligible to receive the brokerage commission for the generated orders, is to put us in touch with companies, from any field of activity, consumers of language services – translation, interpreting, subtitling, audio dubbing, localisation, copywriting, graphic processing , linguistic audit. If, following the negotiations with these companies, we sign a service contract and become recurring customers, you will receive a monthly percentage of the profit generated by the new orders for a certain period.
  2. The second essential condition that guarantees the possibility of collecting the commission is the possibility to issue us invoices. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you are part of a company or any legal entity authorised to issue tax invoices.
  3. The third condition is that the company you contact us is a serious customer, profitable for us. We are looking for partners who, like us, seek the satisfaction of a job well done. It is preferable for the workload to be constant throughout the year and it is imperative that the invoices be paid on time, according to the terms of the contract.

If these 3 conditions are met, we guarantee that you will always benefit from excellent quality language services, fair prices and business relationships provided with professionalism, kindness and promptness.

Terms and Conditions

Clean, Simple, Profitable

In order for everything to run smoothly and legally and you have minimum obligations, the commission will be paid under an Intermediation Agreement. As an intermediary, you are solely responsible for contacting the company to which we are to provide services. You do not need to be able to conclude your contract, or be prepared to start negotiations.

The only operation you perform is to put us in touch. The brokerage contract is a simplified version of the agency contract, in view of the fact that the intermediary does not have the capacity to conclude contracts with the third party, but, considering the quality of representative of the parties or only one of them, the only operation is to put the client in touch with the third party, more precisely, creates the connections of the future legal relationship between the client and the third party.

Once the introduction is made, one of our sales representatives will negotiate the terms of collaboration with the recommended company and as soon as the contract enters into force, it will start generating revenue for you as well. Our obligations are to pay you the remuneration due as an intermediary, to reimburse you for the expenses incurred in order to fulfil the object of the intermediation contract, to communicate the conclusion of the intermediary contract.

Both you as an agent and we as a client have the quality of professionals, within the legal meaning of the Civil Code.