Servicii de audit lingvistic

Proofreading and Collation

Proofreading Services

Sometimes, in the case of a translation with many mistakes, it is easier to start working from scratch, than to correct those mistakes. The linguists working in the Lusto team are at your disposal for evaluating your translation and proposing remedial solutions.

So you to save the day in a simple, efficient and fast way.

Collation Services

Because we live in a constantly moving world, we permanently need to improve, add, adapt, modify.

The Lusto translations office offers collation services, document merging. Whatever your needs, whatever the requested format, you can be sure that you will complete the project on time.

Complete, quality translation services

We know that sometimes the need for translation services will complicate your projects and bring you into a crisis situation.

Whether you have started translating internally and realise that you are running out of time, or you consider that the translations received can be improved, we are here to help you promptly, professionally, offering you the simplest choices.