Translation Services

  • More than 40 liguistic combinations
  • More than 1500 translators
  • We offer translation services in the main international languages, such as English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, but we also specialise in Slavic languages ​​such as Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak.

    Over the years, as a result of our projects, we have accumulated a vast experience in rare language combinations, such as Arabic, Chinese, Albanian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Catalan, Hebrew, Persian, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.

    Fields of expertise

    We like challenges, we get excited as soon as we realise that we are dealing with a different project and we are always ready to offer you services of impeccable quality, regardless of your field of activity, through a complete team of translators and proofreaders. specialise in key areas.

    Technical translations: surveillance systems, aeronautical signaling and guidance systems, oil and gas wells and equipment, smart city signaling and integration systems, industrial equipment, seismic studies, agricultural machinery and heavy machinery, IT equipment, smart cards for public transport, etc.

    Medical translations: diagnoses, medical files and reports, analyzes, scientific papers, etc.

    Legal translations: contracts, power of attorney, company documents, court files, objections, conclusions and sentences, enforcement procedures, regulations and legislation, jurisprudence, memoranda and conclusions, etc.

    Literary translations: literature, film screenplays, bachelor’s and master’s theses, etc.

    Economic, financial-banking, marketing and human resources translations: financial documents, audit reports, market studies, etc.

    Translation Authentication

    Authorised translations

    The authorisation is applied in the case of documents under private signature (documents signed between companies) and is achieved by applying the signature and stamp of the translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice of Romania.

    It is the most common form of translation and it is usually applied to contracts, financial-accounting documents, tender files, etc.

    Legalised translations

    The notarial legalisation is applied in the case of official documents, issued anywhere in the world, which are required on the territory of Romania.

    The translations are signed and stamped by the authorised translator and then the notary authenticates the translator’s signature by applying his own seal on the specific authentication, thus formalising your document.

    Apostille & Authentication

    The apostille is applied to the translations to be used on the territory of the member states of the Hague commission and in this case we speak of official documents, issued by the Romanian state.

    For official documents issued by authorities and institutions of the Romanian state, but which will be used in the rest of the world, the procedure of authentication is applied.