Translation Services

40 Language Combinations

Lusto Translations offers translation services in the main international languages, in all the slavic and germanic languages and other rare languages:

  • International languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
  • Slavic languages: Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Latvian, Lithuanian
  • Germanic languages: Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
  • Other Languages: Greek, Chinese, Albanian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Catalan, Hebrew, Persian, Vietnamese, Thai
  • Extinct languages:  Ancient Greek, Latin

Fields of expertise

We like a good challenge, we get excited as soon as we realise that we are dealing with a project that is different and the quality of our services is always  impeccable, regardless of your field of work.

  • Technical translations: surveillance systems, signalling and guiding systems, oil and gas equipment, smart city integration, industrial equipments, seismic studies, agricultural machinery and heavy machinery, IT equipment and more.
  • Medical translations: diagnoses, medical files and reports, scientific papers.
  • Legal translations: contracts, power of attorney, company documents, court files, sentences, enforcement procedures, regulations and legislation, jurisprudence, memorandums.
  • Literary translations: literature, film scripts, bachelor’s and master’s theses.
  • Economic, financial-banking, marketing and human resources translations: financial documents, audit reports, market studies, marketing reports.

Certified Translations

Private documents, such as academic transcripts, bank statements, birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, divorce decrees, ID documents, marriage certificates, medical reports, police issued documents, wills and statements, etc. need to be translated by a certified translator in order to be used as official documents.

Native Translators

We know how important the quality of the translation is, so we are always working with translators that are native in the target language.

Our skilled linguists work with the latest professional translation software and terminology resources to create accurate final texts to the highest levels in the translation industry.