Interpretariat lingvistic

Language Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is a service that facilitates communication over Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or any other video conference software and is necessary when not all participants share a share a common language.

This type of interpretation occurs simultaneously or consecutively, depending on the number of participants and the specific details of the organised event.

Suitable for any situations in which the interlocutors cannot meet directly.

Simultaneous Interpretation

For simultaneous interpreting, a team of at least 2 interpreters is needed, who work in a special booth, soundproofed, receive sound through headphones and relay the message almost simultaneously, through a microphone. The participants in the room select the channel corresponding to the language in which they want to listen.

Simultaneous interpreting requires equipment and technical support and is recommended for conferences and large events.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting represents the act of rendering in sections, or consecutively, a speech, during short breaks made by the speaker.

The professional interpreter works with quick messages that must be transposed into the target language instantly.

Consecutive interpreting is recommended for business meetings, workshops, official visits, in court or before a notary, in front of a state authority or even during a medical visit.


Chouchotage or whispering is used when a single language is used during the meeting but one or two delegates speak a different language. The interpreter is placed next to the delegate, or in the case of visits the interpreter accompanies him and whispers the translation in his ear.

The interpreter will make a summary of what is being said, rather than a word-for-word translation. It is ideal for small group meetings, business visits or business negotiations.

High-performance technical equipment

For efficient communication it is imperative that the interpreter’s message reaches the audience clearly and completely.

We provide you with high performance technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation consisting of booths, headsets with wireless receivers, sound mixers with up to 11 channels, microphones and lights, technical assistance.