Localisation Services

Website Localisation

Website localisation is the process of translating and adapting the language, appearance and functionality of a website for external markets. The linguistic, cultural and technical differences are taken into account without changing the subtlety of the source text message.

A successful website localisation project means opening up to millions of potential new customers and is essential for the development of any business.

Software and App Localisation

Software localisation refers to the process of translating and adapting the interface and functionality of an application to suit external markets, taking into account linguistic, cultural, technical and legislative differences, but without altering the intent or functionality of the original application.

In essence, your software is now open to millions of potential new users from all around the world and generating extra engagement and income skyrocketing your business’s financials.

Artificial Intelligence Memories

Multilingual databases, for artificial intelligence with a fine human touch.

With significant experience in providing training data for the development of artificial intelligence, Lusto Translations is the ideal partner of global technology companies, for translation, knowledge improvement and artificial brain development projects. We are working with the latest computer assisted translation softwares, translation memories and termbases, so whatever your project specificities are, you can rest assured, you’re in good hands.